Know the past history and present condition of Matka

Satta or Matka gambling is a type of betting and lottery. It was a full-grown lottery game started during the 1950s in Bombay just after the Independence of India.  Originally, the game was played by laying a bet on the opening and closing rates of cotton. The cotton was transmitted to the Bombay Cotton Exchange from the New York Cotton Exchange.

There is a small interesting history behind calling Bombay the main hub of the Satta gambling game.  When textile companies started thriving in the city, numerous factory employees played the game. This has caused bookies to open their shops in and around the areas of the textile mills. Thus, Central Mumbai had turned out to be the heart of the Matka business in India.

Ankada Jugar was the original name of the Satta gambling game. It evolved over the years and became entirely different in all aspects from what it was during the launch, but it was continued to be called Matka. The current Satta gambling game is based on a random selection of numbers and laying a bet on them.

In the earlier form of the Satta gambling game, numbers from 0 to 9 would be written on paper pieces and put into a big earthen pitcher. One of the players would take a chit from the pitcher and announce the winning numbers. However, as times changed, the way of playing the game was also changed over the years, but the game was called with the same name.

Nowadays, the Satta gambling game is being played in different forms. One way of playing the game is by drawing three numbers from a set of playing cards. The winner of the game is called a Satta King and the winner will win a great deal of money.

When it comes to the main history of the Satta gambling game, after its launch during the 1950s, the game was played with cotton until the early part of 1961. Then the New York Cotton Exchange stopped sending cotton to Bombay during the middle part of 1961. This has made the bookies of the Satta gambling game search for an alternative way to keep the business alive. The gambling business has reached its peak in Bombay between the 1980s and 1990s.

Nowadays, because of the advent of the internet, many online gambling sites, including, allow people to play the Satta gambling game online. On these websites, people will be capable of having much fun in addition to bright opportunities for earning a huge chunk of money.

Moreover, players will be having a spread of options in combination with a variety of components, including:

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In addition to these, people will also be getting a chance to play a huge variety of Satta games online according to their preferences.

Furthermore, as the Matka game offers people bright earning opportunities, it makes them go crazy, as well. The only factor is that Satta websites, including, can cause people to urge packed with incredible fun and thrill.

Question: When was the Matka game founded?

Answer: The game was introduced during the 1950’s.



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